Saturday, September 15, 2007

Cakes for events!

So sorry because i've not been updating this blog for a while. My mom 'borrowed' my laptop hence i had to resort calming my "internet-withdrawal" simptoms by going to cyber-cafes. Can't do much updating tho coz all my pictures were in the updates =)

Waiting for a new 'baby' to come. Then i can write-off this old 10 kg piece of antique laptop hihihi =p

Anyway, lately we've been getting a lot of orders for LOTS AND LOTS of CUPCAKES to be served in functions and we just can't thank you enough for your support! Instead of serving em on a table, we have constructed a Cupcake Tree!

Chocolate & Vanila Cupcake@Wedding

The number of tiers can be added or reduce depending on the number of cupcakes to be displayed. As per the above picture, there were about 150-200 small size cupcakes.

The trimmings for the tree can be change according to the occasion.

Cupcake tree are NOT-FOR-SALE, it can be rented for a small charge. For orders exceeding 100 cupcakes, please make your orders at least 1 week before the actual event.

Chocolate+Orange+Vanilla+Red Velvet+Blueberry Cupcakes
@Kenduri Doa Selamat

The cupcakes shown above is about 300 pieces of small size cupcakes. Because of the different flavours, and the client wants simplicity for the design, we only use minimal icing on top of it. For Red Velvets, we used cream cheese to bring out the flavour.

Here are more cupcakes photos for people who wants to organize small 'makan makan' for their families and friends.

"Basket o' Flowers" on medium chocolate cupcakes

"Lines & Dots" on medium butter cupcakes

"Flower Power" on small (souffle cup) Chocolate Cupcakes

"Mini Cupcake Tier for those Mini Occasion"

Interested? Call 012-2715875 for more details.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any high prices that you had to incur if u order thru a third person. (Other than Habsah & Shai). To be safe, call us directly to avoid kena scam!

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